What is a photographer?

A photographer operates camera equipment but is also a lighting technician, creative director and graphic designer.

We can collaborate with stylists, make up artists, set designers and many other professionals depending on what is required.

How much does it cost?

Portrait session: $320 (You receive a minimum of 50 original images plus your three favourites edited. A portrait session can be one person or multiple people in this shoot such as couples, families or with pets. For more than three edited images it's $25 for each additional image. 

Personal headshot session: $180 (You receive a minimum of 20 original images plus your two favourites edited. For more than two edited images it's $25 for each additional image.

Headshots for multiple people at one location: $100 per person. Receive a minimum of 10 original images plus your one favourite image edited for each person. Additional edits $25 per image.

Event photography: $240 for a 3 hour booking. Receive a minimum of 100 images as high resolution jpgs with post production editing such as colour correction and cropping. You may like to discuss your event lighting prior to the day to ensure we are best able to create high quality images in your chosen setting. Your organisation watermark or logo can also be added to the images.

For full day and multi day events, a day rate can be negotiated.

Food, real estate or other still life photography: Your requirements can be discussed and a reasonable rate agreed to.

Travel, holiday and vacation photography: I can accompany you, your team or family and capture those candid moments for you to remember. A reasonable day rate plus expenses can be discussed and agreed to based upon the location.

Where do you operate?

I'm based on Sydney's Northern Beaches, and the standard rate applies for anywhere from Palm Beach to the Sydney CBD and Eastern Suburbs area. Ask me whether your location can be included in this rate or if a travel allowance may need to be added. 

I have done photography sessions regularly throughout the East Coast of Australia and will happily be flown to any destination globally to fulfil your photographic needs.

What edits do you do?

Full post production editing services are included with most photo sessions for your chosen images. This may include blemish removal, colour correction, skin softening and evening, making your eyes sparkle and more. 

My perspective on editing is it's how you might look if you had perfect makeup and lighting. 

What format will my images be in?

The photos you receive will be in a high resolution jpg format. I will send you a link where you can look through and download your images. Jpg is the standard file format for most of your digital needs. 

If you would like your images in multiple resolutions, such as for fast web loading, or with a company watermark or logo on them, this can also be provided. 

I shoot most images in the RAW format which is a much larger file size, enabling me to do edits you would not be able to do from the jpg image.

I will securely store your RAW images for 12 months in case you wish to have additional edits done. After that they will be deleted as they take up a huge amount of space!

If you would like to purchase the RAW files from your photo session to do your own editing, you are welcome to do this for $100. Images can be posted to you on a USB drive or provided as a download link.

What's the difference between a headshot and a portrait?

Headshots are focused on showing your face and will be cropped in showing some variation of your head and shoulders.

Portraits show more of your body and can include more than one person. Portraits require more consideration as there are more components of the image to get right as well as more aspects to edit in post production.

How much makeup should I wear?

For a standard shoot it's often a good idea to wear slightly more makeup than you would for every day, but less than stage makeup. Your skin is translucent so makeup will give your features more definition for the camera.